Our Mission


In the very beginning, AOSA was first launched as a fabrication shop to help our artist friends produce, showcase, and communicate their own creative visions. The goal was simple: to elevate the people around us. As we began to see and realize the meaningful impact behind our approach, we asked ourselves how we could further extend this support to not only to friends, but to the entire community. With a vision to create a sacred space where everyone felt the same sense of genuine support and belonging, AOSA Coffee was born. Whether it’s through genuine conversation that fills the soul, delicious and healthy food and drinks that provide energy to the body, or showcasing customers’ art to inspire the mind – we want everyone that walks through the door to walk out a bit more full of life than they had entered with. We exist to elevate people. Because elevating one another is the key to sustaining a longer, healthier, happier, and fuller life; because this is the art of sustainable action; this is AOSA Coffee.