We are pleased to begin the rollout of our very own Breakfast and Brunch offerings. We’re serving avocado toast and cream cheese bagels – all made to order using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which will rotate on a bi-weekly basis. Come get your mornings started with AoSA!

   Avocado Toast AoSA Coffee Huntington Beach    Cream Cheese Bagel AoSA Coffee Huntington Beach

A Message from Store Manager Chris McColl:

I’ve opted to start with classic avocado toast. It’s nutritious and light, yet filling and customizable. It was a decision that just felt right. As for our guests that prefer something a little sweeter, we are also offering bagels and cream cheese topped with house-made fruit compotes. Every two weeks, I’ll be reshaping our offerings into a completely different and original recipe. New breads, new seasonings, new garnishes…everything new! This will allow us to keep up with our adventurous spirits, stay creative, and help keep our community going strong. Check back September 25th for our new recipes!


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