Drippin’ In Finesse // Signature Blend





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We out here putting fun back into specialty coffee! Because great coffee should be for everyone, right? This finessed blend will fit right into anyone’s daily routine.  Sure to stoke out the traditional sipper, or experimental enthusiast alike.

12 oz (340 grams) Signature Coffee Blend // Whole Beans

Ratios for Brewing:

French Press- 50 grams in

*Grind Size 58 (Breville home grinder) / French Press setting*

Add 50 grams of water to wet coffee grounds – let bloom for 1 min

Add 635 grams of water – let brew for 4 mins



V60- 22 grams in

*Grind Size 52 (Breville home grinder) /  Percolator setting*

Pour 50 grams of water – let bloom for 30 seconds

Gradually add more water until totaling – 320 grams out

*Last pour at 2 min 30 sec*


Look at you!  You’ve got your hands on a blend of all the right things.


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